The Word Detective


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Of course you want a copy of The Word Detective, the  hardback collection of Word Detective columns published by Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill.

Who wouldn't jump at the chance to have the best of The Word Detective in portable form, handy to take along on camping trips, family visits, and jury duty? Who wouldn't want to buy at least one copy to give to those adorable relatives who torment you with endless meandering discussions of word origins at the dinner table but haven't a clue as to the correct answers? Who wouldn't like to dazzle his or her peers with the real stories behind such phrases as "happy as a clam," "Big Apple," or "Bob's your uncle"?

Packed with 288 pages of pulse-pounding etymology, The Word Detective will expand your arsenal of cocktail party repartee and tickle your funnybone as you ponder such classic fables as Androcles and the Duck and marvel at conclusive proof that the State of Idaho does not, in fact, exist.


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