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shameless pleading

Fiction Rule of Thumb

xkcd – A Webcomic – Fiction Rule of Thumb

2 comments to Fiction Rule of Thumb

  • john


    This reminds me of a book I once had the great displeasure to read one or two pages of – The Worm Ouroborus!

    Don’t under any circumstances attempt to read, or even lift from the rotting shelf, this piece of matter.

    The author is dead, and so are the friends who lied about it to him (including JRR and Clive Sinclair) so there can be no obligation!


  • peter coogan

    derivation of “you don’t know beans”
    Was it around in the 19th century in America? In Walden, Thoreau says that was “determined to know beans”. Is it likely he was referring to this phrase?


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