A message from Sparky

Hi, I'm Sparky.  I'm the intern here at Word Detective World Headquarters.  My job is to keep the dictionary warm.  (For this I went to grad school?)

As you've probably noticed, Mister Detective is, uh, away from his desk at the moment.  Ordinarily, he'd be sitting right there, answering your questions, chuckling quietly at his own jokes, and drinking enough coffee to stun a moose.

Unfortunately, due to our budget crisis here at TWD, Mr. Detective has had to take a job as a greeter at the new Wal-Mart over in Liverville, so he won't be around much anymore.  He says he'll try to get some work done on the weekends, but, frankly, given his issues with authority, he'll probably be spending most of his free time planning gas-station stickups.

Anyway, I just wanted to point out that more than one million* of you folks have visited this site in the past few years, and if even 10% of you would contribute to our work by subscribing to our e-mail newsletter, Mister Chuckles could come home, go back to writing, and I could go back to sleep without wondering where my next can of Fancy Feast is coming from.  So please consider contributing.  Thank you.


* Honest.  1,020,552 last time I looked.  Scary, huh?  And we've only been counting for the past four years.  TWD has been on the web since 1995.

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